Day 60 on 61/366 : Overview on February

It is not that last night I slept forgetting writing my blog. I was preparing a ppt presentation, and packing my luggage. Both were such an urgency for me that I thought of finishing them first. The tiredness of reading, and writing whole day, then preparing presentation exhausted my brain. I slept at almost 4 am. Luckily it was a good night sleep, and now I am feeling fresh at 9.23 morn of March, and writing for you. Feeling little bit ‘afsos’* because I could not write on the night of February 29 itself, and the night not going to come again for next four years. Sigh! Yet, thank you the leap year day! In this busy month of February if I would not get you, I would be in more time constraint, getting mad, and chronic hopeless for everything.

February went too fast, and furious. That was the month of chances, and opportunities for me. I was assigned in few projects that kept me laboriously busy almost all day, and night for the whole month. I went deeply frustrated, and hopeless too at various levels of my work. I worked hard, I tried my best. The first week of March will be my week of outcomes of February toil. I know that despite of working hard, I could not do excellent in many cases, and sometimes I put effort wrongfully, yet the month will be the milestone for me. I know my weak points, and mistakes now. I will not allow them again in my life. Many wrong decisions were made too! I feel sorry for them. But, life is based on trial, and errors. I am accepting gracefully both my bad times, and good times.

I have yet to give some final touch on few things. So, bye for today, and please, wish me luck.

* Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani, and few other nations probably share this word AFSOS in their languages. It means to regret. I really find this word very smart for usage, and very tasty for pronunciation too!


Day 60 on 61/366 : Overview on February

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