Day 58/366 : My world

My daughter is my world. No matter how much naughty she is, how many times she disobeys me, or does not give me any chance to take rest, or, how many times I get irritated of her, or rebuke her, at the end of day she is my world, my happiness. No matter how many times a day I rebuke her, and she sulks, or cries, she cannot sleep without her Mamma at all at night. She is my heart, she is my life.

Her lovely eyes, sweetest smile, caring words, intelligent decisions fill my heart every moment. I wonder how astonishingly she is growing up each day, and percieving world, and realities in her way.

Her happiness is my happiness. But her pain hurts me more than she gets hurt. Today my daughter got sick. And, my heart is getting torn at every moment. It is the hardest to see the baby suffering.

May she get recovered soon.

I love you Mamma, I love you a lot.

Jhilmil, my love
Day 58/366 : My world

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