Day 56/366 : Paradoxical Life

When you see one of your dreams are about to come true, but you have to quit the dream due to some unavoidable situation, it hurts! It severely hurts. May be it is not the end of the world, or it is not the last chance of your life, may be better chances are waiting for you, may be it seems appropriate, but in reality it is never suitable for you, still it hurts. I do not understand the paradox of life when it offers you the things you work hard for, but in such a way as if a carrot  is hanging in front of your nose! You are desperate to have it, yet you cannot! And, the missed out dreams just because of some social issues can suffocate you to death. Sometimes I think it is better to hope not to be hurt not. Again, what is a life without hopes, and dreams?

Ah! Why are most of my February writings getting depressive? I want to be positive. I have to be. I cannot afford to kill my time pining on issues that cannot be undone. I have to look forward. God, please, help me in lifting me up. I cannot let one negative issue to lead on other issues to be negative. I have to be strong, hopeful, and happy. I know even trying to act normal, and happy at this point hurts too. But, what to do? Paradox, paradox, … Life is a paradox. 

N. B. : How come life be so cruel when it is better taken care of? Disgusting!


Day 56/366 : Paradoxical Life

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