Day 54/366 : Ah! The Happiness!


Oh God! My heart is leaping up with joy! It is raining! Yay! Rain of the Spring! Wow! I love rain in the Spring. I love the grumbling of the cloud, and the rumbling of the thunder. I love to ‘listen to the rhythm of the falling rain, … pitter pater, pitter pater, … pitter pater. Ah! I am feeling so good, and so pure. Oh! My joys know no bound! For how long I have been waiting for the rain! The smell of the newly soaked soil … I love it. Truly, the Spring is all about love. The other times, it rains in the late Spring. We call it Kal Boishakhi – the nor’wester – meaning a storm prior to Summer ( in Bengali Boishakh), that is in the Spring. But, the Spring of the year is only 10 days old, and it is raining already! But this is not the Kal Boishakhi. It is just a moderate thunderstorm. Kal Boishakhi is really maddening.  Whatever, it is raining, and I am the happiest. The nature is really in need of the shower. It has been dusty, and gray all this time. Now, the new, and the lovely green leaves are shooting out with colorful flowers, and tonight’s rain will give them a fresher look. I am waiting to see the rain-smelled morn tomorrow.

Thank you, mother nature. The rain is washing away not only the dust of the earth, but also the impurities, pain, depression, frustration, and the hopelessness of my mind. I love you, mother nature. I love you a lot.

Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain is one of my favorite song by The Cascades. Sharing the song with you ~

Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain by The Cascades

Day 54/366 : Ah! The Happiness!

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