Day 45/366 : Love, Love, and Love

Seven years ago. I was chatting with one of my friends. Chatting on various subjects – from politics to polygamy, culture to cancer, art to astronomy, music to monopoly, and what not. At one point, I suggested him to listen one of my favorite songs Lady by Kenny Rogers. Few days later, on a Valentine’s Day, he proposed me with that song! That was my day of love. At first, I laughed a lot thinking what a funny way to propose me with my favorite song. I was thinking that how would he be proposing me love if he would not get that song ever! Would he be proposing me at all?! Whatever the funny thoughts were hovering in my head, I still can remember the liquefied state of my heart, and brain, and of my whole existence after being proposed. We are still in love with each other. By God’s good grace, we are happily married. And, our world of love is getting fulfilled each day with our daughter’s merriment, and mirth.

Dear husband, I want to be in love with you forever. I want to be with you till my death. I want to be your children’s mom, grandchildren’s grandmom, great grandchildren’s great grand mom, and so on. The love, and life you have offered to me till date I am overwhelmed with the beauty of it. You are the most wonderful person I have ever met in my life. I love you, and will love you forever. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Dear reader, wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day too. May your life be blessed with love, and love only, because love is the greatest beauty, and truth on earth. Love you all.


Day 45/366 : Love, Love, and Love

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