Day 42/366 : Who are You? Who am I?


Today I am more thoughtful than other days. Today I am calm, and quiet, and silent that are actually very opposite of my character.

Character, yes, it is always defined by other people around us. If I behave restless in front of one, he may label me  as a restless person. If I am emotional, and talkative, I will be labeled so only. That is why, each person carries so many characteristic tags on his shoulder all through the life.

But, how much authentic are the labels we put on other people? Knowing a person is somewhat similar to the case of the blinds who were experiencing an elephant. We are not blind, yet every person is always kept blind by the other person in this way, or that way. All of us keep other people unknown of many of our attributes. And, that is very normal. People do not behave same for each, and every people. It varies man to man, and so do the labels. That is why, in my opinion, labels cannot be the ultimate character of a person. The person I see extremely wild can be a caring person. The person I feel a stupid, can be someone of nice potentials. My not seeing of a quality in a person does not mean he cannot/ does not possess it.

Every human being have hidden characters within them. So, no person should be defined only with some sets of attributes we see. We people, our minds, hearts, and brains are of infinite vastness. Human being is unfathomable to discover. Yet, I feel it a charm, and thrill to see other people, and even to see me, beyond my characters, beyond my tags. What about you?

Day 42/366 : Who are You? Who am I?

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