Day 36/366 : Innocence and Experience

Innocence and Experience

These three boys are of my daughter’s school. The three study in three different classes. Waiting for their moms, the three had become friends of each other. I was watching them playing as I was waiting for my daughter’s class to end. The trio was inventing new plays, and enjoying their time. Suddenly, they discovered a stairway that is actually forbidden for the students to trespass. But, the curious minds know no bounds. The stairway ends to a room with its door ajar. One of them, the littlest one, said that ghosts reside there, the other one proposed to go, and see whether really ghosts reside there. The third one took a badminton racket, and was planning to beat the ghosts with the racket if they were attacked. I thought of telling them that there is no entity called ghost on earth. But, again, I thought it better to let them discover their world by themselves. And, what charm, and adventure will be left in life if their world gets consisted of fact only? Rather, I realized, today’s fight with imaginary ghosts of childhood, will someway, and somehow help them learning the real strategies to tackle real fights of real life in future. The trio at last, after climbing up, and down for several times, managed to go near the door, and they opened it fully with the help of the racket. They saw a mirror, and hurried down quickly saying, “Blood, blood!” The biggest one peeped again, and assured them it was just a red design on the mirror. The three later got relaxed, but not satisfied as if they would be happy if they encountered the ghost.

It was a little adventurous trip not only for them, for me too! Even I was eager to know what really was there behind the door. The adventures of the innocents overjoyed me. I witness once again that how innocents turn into experienced with fabulous processes of life.

Day 36/366 : Innocence and Experience

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