Day 35/366 : Sense and Sensibility

Not going to talk about Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, today’s blog will discuss about people’s sense and sensibility.

Every human being is unique. The similarity of choice, and mentality among people makes the human being a social being. This similarity of interests creates groups, or communities. That is why, while living, and dealing the social life, every person loves to spend time with his chosen friends, and families. Yet, despite of living in groups, smaller – it can be of two persons, and bigger – it can be of thousand people, people on earth are clinging to each other because of the humanity in the heart. The cohesiveness of the people, be they of any group, or a part of the world population, depends on the good sense and sensibility of each human being. Unfortunately, few people on earth lack the good sense, and show less regard to other’s sensibility. Obviously, the world does not end with their nonsense, but she suffers.

People lack senses in various degrees. Some are subtle, some are blunt. But whatever nonsense it is, it obviously hurts someone’s sensibility. Let’s see an example. Shahana meets Nigar in a piano class. They dress up differently of course. Shahana likes clothes of brand K, and Nigar likes clothes of brand F. One day when the class was talking about clothes in a tiffin break Nigar made a statement : “Brand K? Yuck. I do not understand how do people wear those dresses?! The outdated brand, and the outdated dresses. I never buy anything of the brand!” Shahana was just beside her wearing the dress of brand K. Now, was not Nigar aware of Shahana’s dress? Or, could not she recognize the brand? If she could not, she did not have the right to make any statement on the brand. If she could, either she did it intentionally to hurt Shahana, or she lacks the mannerisms, the politeness, the modesty, and above all the rationality.

People live their life according to their own taste, and ability. The taste may not match, but that point of difference should not be used as weapon by others. Nigar could have said that she does not like the brand K simply, and calmly, then it would be considered as her opinion. But, the way she said that, attacking ofcourse, hurt Shahana. We do not know whether Shahana adores brand F secretly, yet she cannot afford to buy dresses of that brand. Or, ok, suppose she can afford, still she chooses to wear brand K. None has the right to insult other’s choices of life. If Nigar felt that bad about Shahana’s choises of brand, she could have made a polite suggestions to her. That would be considered the broadness of mind.

Another example: Tuhin’s dad is a teacher of mathematics. He gets every guideline from his dad. So, he does not have to take suggestions, and help regarding math from others generally. He cuts good marks most of the time. But, in one semester, Tuhin consecutively scored low in math. His friend, Sameer, came up, and told him, “Who teaches you math? Your dad? No, no! You need a better teacher for math this time. Go, and find one.” Sameer probably thought it was a suggestions to Tuhin. But, I say it was a total bullshit. He hurt Tuhin’s belief about his dad. He was disrespectful to his friend’s dad. Probably, the whole year Tuhin neglected the study, or his dad was too busy to teach him. It is his businesses. People should not comment on each, and everything of other’s life. Sameer could have let it go, and, let Tuhin assess his own situation, and make his own decision. Even, the whole scenario were true, Sameer should not be saying like this offending his dad, because every parents possess the softest corner of every man’s heart. Or, if he was so much concerned about him, he could have offered a help to Tuhin.

Every little irrationality, and extremity of behavior, the senselessness, and disrespect to other’s feelings in everyday life creates a non curable, and long lasting irrationality, and extremity in world that we never want.

Every comment, every action, every reaction, every opinion can be made nicely, and modestly. Choices, and opinions differ from man to man. But, differences can be exposed rationally considering other ten people around us. A rational thinking can avoid many irrational blows of our tongues. Taking care of other people’s feelings does not cost a penny. Life is not always a battlefield, where everything should be taken as a life, and death question, and so to behave loud, and arrogant. People should not make their minds imperialistic to impose their choices on others. Life is easy, if we take it easy. Life is nice, if we deal it nice. Sense is good, when we take care of other’s sensibility.

Let’s start taking care of other’s feelings from today.


Day 35/366 : Sense and Sensibility

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