Day 34/366 : Of Backbiting

Backbiting is the most abonimable vices of all. It actually displays a person’s extreme bad taste. A person who does not have the ability to see, or who does not want to admit other’s goodness backbites of others. This type of persons actually secretly suffer from inferiority complex. And, most of the time, they cannot think, and utilize their time constructively.

Every person on earth is a combination of both good, and bad. No one will be found perfectly good, or entirely bad. A backbiter never think that even he/she has faults to be backbitten, or looked down. But, I am sure, even a backbiter hates to be backbitten by others. So, what is the logic, and justification of doing the things to other that one does not want to happen with him?

Backbiting is another form of cruelty, and at the same time of cowardness too. It is a cruelty because one unfairly criticizes of other’s weakness. And, it is a cowardly attitude because the backbiters are never able to gather the courage to utter the things in front of the person.

Backbiting is the most nasty habits of all. It is a choice made by some people to think destructively, and negatively of others. But is it really needed? What is the wrong with praising people’s good attributes, and discussing, and nurturing on them? The more we will practice to see things positively, the more beautiful we, and our world will become. The present is always the high time to make the choices to be beautiful. Make the decision. Stop backbiting. Be beautiful.


Day 34/366 : Of Backbiting

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