Day 32/ 366: February Thought


1. All these days, I mean throughout the January, it was easier for me counting my journals. I counted them with dates. Now, from February it will be getting difficult day by day. From now on, everyday I have to check my previous blogs to date the new blog. Humph!

2. Few days back, I saw a woodpecker tapping on my window pane. I instantly remembered the cartoon show ‘Woody Woodpecker’ of my childhood. With that scintilla of reminiscence, all the other cartoon shows I used to love were coming back to me like a surge. Captain Planet, and the Planeteers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mr. Magoo, Tom & Jerry Show, Kimba the White Lion … ah! Those sweet memories. They still telecast newest versions of Ninja Turtles, and, Tom & Jerry. I feel quite amazing when I see the Ninja Turtles of this days use mobile phones, and Tom & Jerry are becoming detectives.

But, wait! Why was the woodpecker tapping on my window pane? Naturally, he is supposed to be on a tree, drilling the wood, not the metal! I realized, the woodpecker was hungry. Probably, he had lost his shelter in recent times, and needed food. Or else, he would not be tapping down windows for a week long.

What are we making of our earth? To make our shelters, we are cutting down trees, destroying forest making other creature homeless.

The Woody Woodpecker can talk, can fight, can take revenge, but alas, the real woodpecker cannot. Or else, not only the woodpeckers, but also other birds, and animals would be on press conferences telling their misfortunes, or declaring war against human being!

3. A question has popped up. Why most of the cartoon characters are males?

4. Winter is about say bye within few days. I am feeling so happy. How eagerly I wait for Spring always. 😍

Day 32/ 366: February Thought

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