Day 31/366 : Of Friendship


I hear many people complaining that all of their friends are getting weird, and self-centered day by day. The friends no more care about the old friends, and that is why these people are getting friendless, and alone in their lives. They also grudge on the matter that those friends always put an air of busyness around them no matter they are in the same working field.

I do not disagree that some people grow selfish with the course of the time. But, it is true too that in this highly competitive world if someone wants to climb high on the ladder of success, he/she must be focusing on work than other things. At one point of life, people really cannot afford to carry on the nonchalant life of youth. Responsibilities increase with time, and of course, some people are very careful about their duties. Now, if anyone prefer duty to friend, it must not be considered a serious offence.

Some people concentrate on improving, or learning skills, networking, doing some social, or creative work etc in their leisure to flourish their potentials at best. By these activities, people also get chances to join the community of their interests. So, yes, your friends can be busy apart from their jobs, because, they are busy with some other constructive works. You are not busy doing other things after office hours, or in holidays does not mean others are doing nothing, and sitting idle at home. I suggest those people who nag on other people’s ears all the time of their loneliness created by their selfish friends to get enthusiastic, and to join in the groups where they can improve themselves, and also get new friends of same mentality.

I know it hurts when friends ignore one, but what is the point of churning on this issue day after day? Even if I take it as a truth that all old friends are really getting selfish, and moving away, my question is why do not you move on too!? If your friends are really selfish, they were never your friends actually! So, is not it good to forget them, and make some new friends if you are that wearied by your loneliness? Be practical, and be brave!

The last, but not the least, a good friendship nestles in heart. No matter of how many days, and years you do not see, or talk to your friends, it remains the same in heart forever. If you claim yourself a good friend you must be putting your feet into your friends’ shoes to understand their situations. You must be proud of their achievements. Still if you really feel friendless, and alone, please do come out of the depression. The earth is colorful of more than seven billion people. If one, or two, or five walk away from your life, will not you be able to get at least one from the rest seven billion?

Wish you all a very happy, fulfilled life.


Day 31/366 : Of Friendship

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