Day 30/366 : Failure of the Month

January is going to end within 24 hours. 2016 has got one month old already. Started the year with several resolutions. I am quite sure that I am on the way of fulfilling some this year. Still, I am feeling that I can slip out of the way at any time just because I am still far away in acquiring the time management skills.

I have wasted less time this year. I have tried to utilize the time as constructively as possible. But, I utilized it in a haphazard way. As a result, my work, and I both have got tedious of each other. It was like a tug of war between me, and my work. So, not all the accomplishments were joyful to me. Rather, at times, I felt that some achievements were forcefully earned. I could have managed my time in a more tidy way. Finishing all of the works is not everything, finishing it with joy, and contentment is important too.

But, I am still trying. Hopefully, January will be my lesson to learn the time management strategies much accurately. I believe in the proverb : failure is the pillar of success.

I wish me not making the same mistakes next month.

This was exactly the case of mine this month.
Day 30/366 : Failure of the Month

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