Day 27/366 : Small Steps Everyday

Currently, I have started working on some big, and really lengthy projects. The projects demand a lot of time, and hard work. But, they used to petrify me in such a way that even upto few days back, I used to start my mornings, and end my days with huge frustration. I was neglecting my work as if it were a poisonous serpent to kill me. I used to spend my whole day doing all other things to relax me, and at night I used to regret of not starting the works yet.

Only couple of days back, I had finally started working. I convinced myself to forget that it was a lengthy work. Rather, I took it as a small work of everyday. Waking up every morning I allot myself only that volume of work that I can do happily, easily, and comfortably. Now, at the end of the day, if I feel like working more, I do, and I take it as a bonus, and extra progress. And, working this way is really effective. I anticipate that if I keep doing my work in this pace (if, God forbid, I do not get sick, or other calamities do not come), the small works of everyday will add up into big volume of work, and thus, I will be able to accomplish both my projects, and goals.

In this connection, I cannot resist quoting Neil Armstrong:

That’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind.

It is very true not only in the broader sense, but also in the sense of day to day life. So, small steps everyday. You will not be far from achieving your goal, and success.


Day 27/366 : Small Steps Everyday

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