Day 25/366 : A Sense of Guilt


Only a few days back, I wrote in my blog that how pissed off I was because of the winter this time. I did not think for once that I was getting disgusted of the winter chill wearing layers of warm clothes. Whereas, street people are leading their lives as usual having one torn, or no warm clothes to put on, or lying on cold street where fog hangs over them all night, or having no medicine for their cough, and cold. These people are not complaining, or grudging on the winter, nor they are stopping their lives.

I am feeling really sorry that I overlooked these people. Keeping the heater, and geyser on, having the hot soup, lying under the blanket, having medicine on time I am protecting myself from the cold. Despite having so many facilities, I am dying of cold. I am not seeing the real death on streets, or in rural places because of the terrible cold waves.

I am sorry to see winter in my mind. The conscience has withered that disabled me to see the truly winter affected people of my surrounding. I am so sorry that I only thought of my problems, and my comforts.

Forgive me, God, please. Let there be light in my heart. Let me feel the pain of others. Let me help the people in distress in this winter.

Let’s help the street people this winter.

Day 25/366 : A Sense of Guilt

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