Day 24/366 : A Day in Rhyme

Waking up late
Checked the mobile to know the date.
Pulled aside the curtain
A foggy morning that I was certain.

Saw my husband was gone
I didn’t know!
I am such a sleeping don.
Saw my baby sleeping,
Dreaming, and giggling.

Thought of sleeping again;
Waking up in a winter morn
Is such a pain.
Still, I blew the duty-horn
Inside my head,
At last, I could get up from the bed.

Washing up myself,
Rushed to the kitchen
Made the breakfast, and tiffin
And the lunch of chicken.

Woke up my daughter
Got ready for school
Started the journey
Amidst the traffic pool.

Dropping her I was back to home
Left some work undone
Cause my enthusiasm had gone.

Again to school to pick her up
Finished the lunch with few burp.
Took a nap, and was feeling bored,
Killed the rest of the time
With lazyness sword.

My hubby came back early today
Felt joyous, and said, “hurray!”
Had the dinner late,
Procrastinating my fate!

Now, it is bedtime
No topic, and no chime…
My blogs are getting dull,
Yet I love my blog to pamper, and lull.

That’s why, writing my day in rhyme
Will be back in mood within sometime.


Day 24/366 : A Day in Rhyme

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