Day 22/366 : Night Rituals


What do we do generally before going to bed? We get fresh, arrange bed, some people listen to music, write diary, or to-do list for the next day, some people read books, some people think, some people count sheep, some people chat, or play, or text messages, or check social networking sites for the last time of the day, some pray to God, some people immediately fall into sleep, almost like snoring before laying the head on the pillow ;), some toss and turn almost whole night to get into the sleep finally. Many of us review the whole day in few minutes. But, how many of us think that whether any of our works has displeased the God (Yes, this piece of writing is for the believers)?

The other day my mom told me to end a day thinking whether any such work, that seems somehow good, or profitable, is done by us that is actually not good in the eyes of God. Suppose, selling a thing worth of hundred bucks in thousand bucks seems quite a profitable business, but it will not be an honest business for sure. And, to cheat others is never liked by God. So, if you end a day assessing your work under the magnifying glass of pleasing the God, or not, you will surely know your mistakes of the day. And, who wants to face the wrath of God? The moment you will find that you are doing thing displeasing the God, you must be trying the next day to avoid doing those works. That is how, religion helps people to be in good path.

I liked the advice my mom has given to me. I am not a strict pious like her. Still, I am trying to follow her advice as much as possible. It works nicely. I am maintaining this as my night ritual recently that to think before sleeping whether my work, or behavior of a day has displeased the God.

May the Almighty help us all to be good, and honest, and above all to be humane.

Day 22/366 : Night Rituals

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