Day 20/366 : Drizzling on a Winter Evening

Does the title sound romantic? It is not romantic at all. It drizzled today for half an hour in the evening. And, I hated it. I am already hating the winter this year. It is making me sick, and SAD. Now, the grumpy, gloomy, cloudy weather is making it just disgusting. The cold wave is snapping again, and the drizzle is making it worst. I am just not able to take winter anymore. I am getting irritated of it. Waiting for the sweet spring, and summer days to come.

But, I used to like winter once upon a time. Probably, the time when I did not have to maintain a family of my own, or I did not have to clean dishes, or go outside daily to do works. It was my school, and college days. Of course, I am staying at home mostly because of the winter vacations. Yes, I used to love winter that time. Just sleeping for long at day, and reading books, or watching TV almost all day under the blanket … Ah! That was a life, and that was the winter! How I used to love to see the fog … nah, not fog – I used to love to find out the buildings, and trees, or other things far outside amidst the fog. And, the nights were so cozy!

How did my Mom used to feel all those winters? Good, or bad? I cannot remember. Have I ever asked her? No! I cannot remember my mom was getting annoyed of any winter. Rather, during winter, she used to wake up early,Β ignoring the chills, to make the Vapa Pitha (special winter cakes) for us. I never saw her neglecting any of her duties – of home, and of job. She used to do all the household chores alone. Yet, never grudging on winter. It is not that she loves winter, but she loves us so much that she can ignore frosty winter for our sake.

Now, I am a mom, and I have my family. I cannot enjoy winter like before because I have to do chores now, yet not huge amount of tasks that my mom used to do. I am very different from her. I have not got any good traits of her. Rather, I have traits of amphibian animals. In winter, I feel like going for hibernation. I wish I could! Not hibernating though, but getting less active. Moreover, the short days are making my activity lesser. I wish I could be like my mom – energetic all the time!

Alas! No motivation is working for me. I hate winter so much. And, the drizzle really pissed me off today. Shoo! Shoo! Go away, Winter, go away. I love shiny summer days. I love longer active days. I hate the heat though, but I love the brightness of the season. I feel optimistic. Go away, Winter, go away. I am no more in love with you.



Day 20/366 : Drizzling on a Winter Evening

21 thoughts on “Day 20/366 : Drizzling on a Winter Evening

  1. Yes. The title sounded romantic, lol.
    I don’t still have a family to maintain but I had to take my mother’s place for the last few months and trust me, I have hated summers and winters equally. Standing by the stove in the heat of summer was no better than washing dishes and cleaning in winter. *Sighs*

    1. Lol. Even I hate the summer heat. And, kitchen heat too. But, at least, I don’t get sick at summer. And, don’t sigh, dear. This is life. Responsibility goes round, and round. Sighs here too!

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