Day 16/366 : Have, and Have Not : Part 2

… The third type of people are always content about themselves. They rarely whine at not having things in life, and they never boast of the things they have. They believe in earning the luck. They are always the people of action. They never build castles in the sky. No matter how much wealth, and power, and intellect they have, most of the time, they are well-behaved, and down to earth. If any of them are highly intellectual, their speeches sound wisdom, and knowledge, not gossip. Showing off anything, and everything to people is a matter of shame to them. In stead of regretting on life, they prefer contemplating on life to get the solutions of the problems. This type of people never see a glass half empty, but half full.

I like the third type of people because they are always very positive towards the life. The other two groups of people actually suffer from either inferiority complex, or superiority complex, or from both at a time. Why do they suffer from these complexes? The very first reason I see behind it is that these people have never actually known themselves. They do not know how are they as a person, what they exactly need to fulfill their hearts, what are their primary needs, and secondary needs, how much of a thing they want in life etc. They are never confident of themselves. They never believe that every man on earth is unique. No man on earth is perfect. And, they do not know that it is the imperfections highlights the perfections only.

There is no rule that everyone has to possess everything on earth. May be one does not have the nicest clothes, but he/she may have the nicest smile, or charming personality. May be one has the smartest voice, but he may not have a good accent, and pronunciation. May be one does not have a bigger house, but she may be a very good cook, or hospitable.

It is really unwise spending time thinking, or regretting on what you do not have. Rather, discover yourself, talk to yourself, look at yourself on the mirror. Find out the best thing in yourself, and invest on that. You can cover up the things you do not have with the best things you have. You have to believe in yourself. You have to be confident about your qualities. Make your potentials your skills. No need to join in the nasty competition of having everything in life. If you do that you will be losing your good, and unique attributes gradually. Until, and unless you are respecting yourself, no one is going to respect you either. And, if you really care to have certain things in life, concentrate on earning it. God helps those who help themselves. Stop complaining about the invisible hand. Do not beg fortune, rather make it.

It is really a bad habit to exaggerate things. At times it may hurt other people too. Modesty is one of the best virtues. And, no one can buy it with money. One has to grow it in oneself. Most of the times, people boast too much about their money, and power when they know that they lack other things secretly. My earnest suggestions to those people is to repair their faults, and failures, and problems as soon as possible. Even Titanic sank. Do not be a Titanic of boastful thoughts, and talks.

And, most importantly we all need to be rich in heart. There are still thousands, and thousands of people who do not have any shelter, who sleep under the sky, on the footpath, who still eat from the dustbin, who have lost their near, and dear ones in war, or accident, who do not have any memory to remember their sweet days. Have we ever think of those distressed people? If, having nothing, they still can carry their lives, why cannot we having more than we need? What is the point of being rich if we cannot help others with our wealths? The rich is getting the richest, and the poor is getting the poorer. How logical is it you think?

We should not lose our sanity over money, and money related things. None of us have right to piss off other people with our greed, to humiliate the real needy people by extending, and exaggerating our versions of need.

Let’s know ourselves. Let’s nurture our potentials. Let’s be helpful. Let’s be modest. Let’s be content of whatever we get. Let’s live a simple life.


Day 16/366 : Have, and Have Not : Part 2

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