Day 15/366 : Have, and Have Not : Part 1

I see three types of richest/rich/moderately rich people around me. One type that whines at whatever things they do not have in their lives. They always keep comparing themselves with others. They never count the things, and fortune they have while others do not have. They think themselves eligible for anything, and everything, yet, deprived, unfortunately, of everything. They believe in the invisible hand that always showers all the things to others that actually they wish for themselves. They are always sad because they do not have the pair of shoes that Vicky wears, or do not have the melodious voice that Melissa has. If they have the nicest clothes to wear, they find that their brooches are not that up to the mark comparing to the Lisa’s, or, that they do not have the zero, yet curvy figure like Shirley. They are always on the verge of avoiding social contacts because they cannot fit themselves in smartly, pompously, and confidently as, according to them, they lack either the material, or the non-material stuffs that could have uplifted their status. They are eternally ashamed of themselves because they do not have the latest furniture in their house. They die thousands times a day because they cannot afford the things they want. Does not matter, how solvent they are, they think themselves unsolvent, always.

The second type of people are those who boast on everything, and anything they have, or they do not have. They are extremely imaginative. At times they are found making up unbelievable stories, or exaggerating things. They always made themselves the richest among the crowd. They love to talk about the latest, and biggest home theatre they had only week ago that was destroyed by their most obedient son, and his friends on the birthday party of their pet dog where they had invited at least 800 guests! OMG! They are always well connected, and always ready to throw parties even on the occasion of fracturing their legs. They are the know-it-all. They attend the classical musical nights, in fact, they find it a prestige issue to attend knowing that they will be sleeping half of the time, or will be listening FM radio plugging the ears, because the tickets are expensive, or the event can be a matter of gossip later. Does not matter they have their dinner at home, or watched cricket sitting at home, they will always be telling stories of delicious food of the five-star hotels, or the hassles in the cricket stadium. Whether, they know English good, or not, they are always reluctant to talk in their mother tongue. Who speaks in mother tongue? It is the tongue of the uncultured, poor, mango people, right? Or, just English comes it by itself (what to do!) even though they love, and try to speak in their tongue. This type of people never lack anything in life. They possess all in their show-off, and in gossip, if not in real life. If somehow they admit that they lack something, they make that a point of their wish – no accident, no bad luck, no failure – just wish! Just they wish whimsically not to possess that certain thing. May be they have pitied the thing to others out of generosity, or, that is not just a thing of a class! They are the most cautious citizens, yet do not pay the taxes timely. They are the intellectual, progressive, and humanist even though they think other people beside them the lowest creature on earth. … (to be continued)


Day 15/366 : Have, and Have Not : Part 1

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