Day 13/366 : Health is Wealth

For last 4/5 days, I am suffering from cold, and dust allergies. The sickness has stopped my regular life. But, one thing I am trying my best to keep regular, and that is my blogging.

My ill health is not allowing me to write much today. Yet, let me share my realization of the day in one, or two lines. I am realizing again that health is wealth. For example, I want to write on so many topics. I am eager to write. But, typing even seems difficult because of my sickness. So, willingness, enthusiasm, will power are not enough to accomplish things in life. You need a good health mendatorily as a support of your other qualities, and skills to execute.

A good health is a power house. The stronger the power house is, the stronger is you to win the challenges of the life.

Wish you all a good health.


Day 13/366 : Health is Wealth

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