Day 12/366 : Color the Life

I do not know on what I can write today. But, I cannot let my blog go blank in anyway.

Let me share a pic with you today. I colored it using the app Colorfy.


Creativity comes in various way. I cannot write today, but can color. Thank God that the creativity had not got blocked over all. At least, it is flowing.

Dear readers, you can not only color any patterns, or drawings, you can color your life too. In fact, it is very important to know to color a life, or lives to be happy in life. You cannot buy brushes, and pallets, easels, or colors, or apps to color your life. Still, you can color your life, or other’s life wonderfully with your goodness, joviality, helpfulness, and so on.

Let’s color the life.

Day 12/366 : Color the Life

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