Day 10/366 : Nostalgia Knocks

parrots on sunflower

It was a foggy afternoon today. Sitting beside the window I was doing what I cannot remember now. But, I do remember of getting nostalgic in the middle of doing something. In a flash, I went back to a winter morning of my teenage. It was a fresh, sunny morning. I was preparing for my exam of social science of class VII. I came out of my room, and went to the veranda to study walking. Suddenly, I heard a lot of birds chirping on our rooftop. I ran to the front yard from where I can see the roof top. And, I was mesmerized of what I had seen. I had never seen any large folk of parrots ever in my life before that. They were all eating the sunflower seeds from the sunflowers of our garden. I cannot still forget the band of flying green on the band of glowing yellow. It was simply an awesome scene. Today, when the nature was so grey, and gloomy, through the trip down to my memory lane, I got back those awesome bright colors of green, and yellow, and the freshness of a sunny morning. Ah! Nostalgia! Thank you. Today, you have replaced one look of nature by its other look shot long ago. You made my day!


Day 10/366 : Nostalgia Knocks

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