Day 9/366 : Promise Made on Passion and Love

Today, I have spent an extremely busy day with a severe headache. In fact, the headache is still there. It is hammering my head in such a way that I cannot even think on anything properly. Like, I still do not know on what I am writing my blog today. Thinking on any topic is becoming a pressure that I am completely unable to take.

Despite of my sickness, I am feeling happy, and proud of myself because I am keeping my promise to be a consistent of whatever I do. At one moment, I thought I would not be able to write today. But, at last, I did not make myself to quit. I am winning over my terrible headache just because of my will power. May be, I am not producing a thoughtful write-up today, but, I am writing still. I felt weird the day I thought of making my passion – writing – a tool of habituating consistency in my life. I was in a dilemma that whether I was doing it right, or wrong. Whether I would be harming my passion. It was a risky decision making. But, today, I am really feeling relieved that I did no do any wrong. My promise on passion did not let me go inconsistent again. I consider this to be my first achievement of the year. 

But, one important thing! It would be ungrateful of me if I do not mention that  my readers are one of the main catalysts in inspiring me writing my blog today despite of my sickness. I feel it a commitment to write my journal 366 days of a 366 days for my readers. My passion would be a dead passion (God forbid!) today if I did not get followers, and readers here. I love you, my readers. Hope, I will be always able to write for you.

Promises are really risky, and hard to keep, still I will try my best to keep them.

Moral of my day: Be respectful to promises, and love. They will never let you down.


Day 9/366 : Promise Made on Passion and Love

6 thoughts on “Day 9/366 : Promise Made on Passion and Love

  1. Take care Fatima. Get well soon.
    I really appreciate your hard work to be so consistent with the quality of your write ups. I really need to learn from you. And yes, passions make us crazy. I guess writing is the only thing at which am being consistent through these months. Otherwise am known to leave things at the second day itself. 😂
    Its been a year and I make a point to continue the journey.
    I don’t post so great like you, but I make a point to make tiny writings. 😃

    Happy weekend!!!

    1. You do post great. I always love reading you. On the other hand, I am still trying. Thanks a lot for encouraging me. Your comment truly means a lot too me. And, ya, for me achieving consistency is becoming a do, or die project this year. Hahaha. Let me see how far I can go. And, oh! Still with headache. I hate when medicine doesn’t work! 😒

  2. wait for your write ups. I am glad you choose to write daily and hope you will maintain your consistency. Pleasure reading your articles di:)

    Please post your poetry as well.

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