Day 8/366 : Poetry Manufacturing Company Pvt. Ltd.

Today, I have translated ‘Kobita Company Pvt. Ltd.’ written by eminent Bangladeshi poet Abdul Mannan Syed. He was “a versatile writer and poet. He was one of the most prolific Bengali literary personalities of the post-partition Indian subcontinent. Until his death on 5 September 2010, he was regarded an authority on Bengali literature. Popularly regarded as a poet, he is also notable as a literary critic and an editor. Born as Syed Abdul Mannan, he assumed the pen name Ashoke Syed at the debut in literature in 1960s. He published more than 150 titles to his credit during his lifetime. His works on poet Jibanananda Das and Kazi Nazrul Islam are not only seminal but also monumental in form, content and quality. (Source: Wikipedia)

Poetry Manufacturing Company Pvt. Ltd.
Abdul Mannan Syed
Translation: Mushfiqua Fatima

We process poetry here.
All sort of poetry.
Political poetry, social poetry.
Spiritual poetry, wordly poetry.
Urban poetry, pastoral poetry.
Poetry of love, poetry of flesh.
Poetry of reverie, poetry of reality.
Poetry of ’40s, and poetry of ’50s.
Poetry of ’60s, and poetry of ’70s.
Soon we are going to market
The poetry of ’80s too.

Everything is reserved here –
The hands, the legs,
The heads, the bodies,
The phalluses, the vaginas,
The hairs, the nails,
The eyes, the faces,
The noses, the ears,
The fingers of the hand, and
The fingers of the leg –
Every organ of the poetry.

Thousands, and thousands of
Native, and foreign simlies, and metaphores,
Words, and rhymes,
Alliterative verses, and free verses
Are stocked here.

It is true that so many
Poetry manufacturing companies are Growing up like mushrooms nowadays. But,
You know it well that
Our company has earned
A lot reputations already,
And, you say, would it be possible
To gain fame neglecting our duties?

Yes, the poem you have ordered
Is almost ready.
What a splendid poem we have made!
It just needs the finishing touch.
Please, Sir, have a seat, and have some tea,
We have just got short of few screws,
We are sending Latif right now
To the other factory.
He will be back with screw soon.


Day 8/366 : Poetry Manufacturing Company Pvt. Ltd.

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