Day 7/366 : Book = Life


I pity me when I look at my bookshelf. So many books are waiting to be read. But, busyness in life is not allowing me enough time, and space to read my books. I can remember what an adamant book-worm I used to be that twice in my life my mom got compelled to hide two of my favorite books just because I got glued to those books, and was not studying at all. Though, my mom says the books are still with her, I have not found those two books yet – in fact, I do not search them anymore as I bought one of them for my daughter, and the other was presented to her by my mom. My daughter cannot read yet, but she loves her baba and mamma reading books to her. So, every night I read books to her till she has fallen into asleep. I never feel bore that she likes to listen same book, same story, sometimes even some particular lines again, and again. Rather, I feel peaceful, and accomplished.

Yet, my heart cries when I see many of my books are remained untouched. Not only that! Seeing my passion for books my hubby gifted me Kindle ebook reader very lovingly. Even, Kindle is lying unused in my drawer. So sad!

All my life, I wanted to be a girl with a book in hand. I wanted to be absorbed in book all day, and all night. But, when life happens, so many wishes, and dreams are forgotten, and so many other wishes, and dreams get clustered around life. I never mind. I really never mind. I consider life the best book on earth. I am absorbed in life, actually I am reading the pages of life, not only of my life, of so many lives, and it is so fascinating!

Still, I want to read some of the books from my shelf this year. Books offer lives. I want to embrace those lives from books again. Let me see which books I can read this year.

Ok. The very first book I want to read is Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. This is the first English novel that my dad presented to me long ago. Long ago means really long ago, like ten years back. I never understand how this book has gone completely out of my mind all these years. Hopefully, it will not be forgotten again. The novel is already a classic, but it is precious to me because my dad gave it to me. It would be really a sin if I delay reading it.


The other two books I want to read is also my dad’s favorite book. One is the Bengali novel Madhukari by Buddhadeb Guha. And, the other is Dubliners, a novel written by James Joyce.



This year, I want to finish Orhan Pamuk’s The Museums of Innocence. This is the first book I bought after my marriage. I really want to finish the book before my anniversary this year! ;);)😍. 


Oh, God! I am not able to finish my wish-list. Better, I start reading as soon as possible.

Before, when I was a book-worm, I did not started experiencing life the way I am experiencing now. Now, I am a matured lady. Hope, reading will be really mesmerizing this time as I have the chances to cross-reference my world with the world of the books.

I wish me happy-reading!

Day 7/366 : Book = Life

3 thoughts on “Day 7/366 : Book = Life

  1. “Reading the pages of my life” i like this line. Wow! Orhan Pamuk is an amazing writer. I am half way through “My name is red” i don’t know when i will complete it.:P

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