Day 4/366 : Terrible Tremor

Last night, I was just thinking that everybody has to start a morning either by performing prayer, or by listening to music. Prayer, and music energize, and comfort the soul with peace, and calmness, and optimism. I had almost decided to write today’s blog on the morning habit, or rituals. But, had I ever thought that there are enough possibilities that a day may start quite abnormally?
Today, the day has started with a horrible earthquake. The tremor was originated in the northeast India where the magnitude was 6.8. In Bangladesh, we felt the magnitude 4.0 – 4.9. According to the USGS (US Geological Survey), the intensity of the earthquake in Bangladesh was level IV-V. “Intensity is based on the observed effects of ground shaking on people, buildings, and natural features. It varies from place to place within the disturbed region depending on the location of the observer with respect to the earthquake epicentre. Level V intensity earthquake is felt by nearly everyone, many awakened. At this intensity some dishes and windows get broken, unstable objects overturns.” (Source: Dhaka Tribune, online edition, 4 January, 2016).
So, when the winter sleep was getting deeper at dawn, I woke up jumping feeling the terrible tremor. I experienced a lot of earthquakes in my life. But, this one was stronger than ever. The other times, I took time to know whether it was me trembling out of weakness, or the earth was jolting because of the rage of Poseidon. All these times, after getting sure, and horrified of a jolt, I somehow used to manage a secure place under a beam, or a pillar. But, today’s jolt did not leave me in any doubt of Poseidon’s rage. My limb got numb. For a second, though, I thought of standing somewhere near any pillar, I understood moving any limb of mine was actually impossible. Thoughts were rushing to and fro in my mind. I was holding my baby as safe as possible in my lap. I was thinking that how was my parents over there in another city. And, I was thinking that this earthquake seemed greater than ever in my history of life, and would it be stopping leaving large number of people injured, and dead? Would Bangladesh be another Nepal? Would I be losing my parents, and relatives? I was not panicked, but I was very sad, and afraid. As I live in a three-storied building, and I am on the top floor, I was somewhat certain that I, probably, would not be dealing with any fatal damage. But, the horror of I might be seeing other people dead was killing me. All these thoughts are getting lengthy now in words. But, I thought them all at a once within few seconds. Getting sure that I did not want to move panicked (in fact, I could not too), I submitted myself to the Almighty God, reciting all the duas I know seeking help and relief.
The jolting thirty seconds seemed thirty thousand years. But, it ended. Later, by various news media I came to know about the loss of three lives. May the souls rest in peace. But, thank God, everyone, apart from some injuries throughout the country, was safe.
The day started with fear, but it has ended well. It could be a disastrous hazard, but it was not. Nature has given us chances again to carry on our lives. What else is better than that? May Almighty keep every lives on earth safe, and sound. Ameen.
Day 4/366 : Terrible Tremor

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