Day 3/366 : A Glass of Darkness

This is a translation of a poem of Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah. He is one of the leading Bengali poets of 1970s from Bangladesh. The original Bengali title of the poem is ‘এক গ্লাস অন্ধকার’ (Ek Glass Ondhokar). My love for poem, and the passion of translating literary works of Bangladeshi eminent writers have motivated me to translate and share it with the broader audience.


A Glass of Darkness

Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah

Translation: Mushfiqua Fatima
Sitting alone with a glass of darkness.
Eyes on the darkness, darkness in my eyes too –
Sitting alone with a glass of darkness.
Lost is the shadow of the Banyan tree, and lost is the deer.
The feathers of the travelling birds in flight
Carry no more the intimate ‘eau de neige’.
In the visible web of technology, the time is trapped;
The golden gloom drizzles down from the full moon.
Someone summons, I turn back – but no one.
The solitary me sitting with the glass of darkness…
The ultra-modern belles entering hotfoot
                    In the rich man’s harem,
– Unmoved like the valuable furniture in the bedroom.
The civilization stares at her inner decay,
                   And, at her flattered gangrene.
Eyes on the brightness, I am looking at-
In refrigerator, the temptation is lying beside the frozen pain-
Dissatisfied flesh is in search of the illegal sex drain.
The wastage consoles the deterioration –
Under the enchanted light, there is the joyous chanting, the blue blood,
                    The blue film.
A slumbering, sharp, glowing piece of steel is arising,
I can sense it only moving inside my skull.
In the mean while, shattered are the identity,
                   .The relation, and the position-
With a molotov-cocktail.
A new darkness is hissing up from this blazing light.
In this darkness, I turn over my glass of darkness.
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Day 3/366 : A Glass of Darkness

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