Day 2/366 : Make Not Mistakes Your Shadow

Knowing my achievements of 2015, I am happy. But, I am not relieved. I need to figure out that why I had failed to meet my goals. It will be very unwise to start a year with old mistakes. In fact, failure becomes chronic when mistakes are unidentified. And, to be a chronic failure is not my dream!
Yes! Dream! I dream to do certain things successfully, and to become an eminent person in my arena, in my life. To make any dream comes true is not a matter of a snap. It is always a process – a lengthy process. If I scrutiny my 2015, I see myself in the process, but unfortunately, without satisfactory results. Through the flashbacks, I see myself working hard as a dream-oriented person. But, did I really work that hard to be a successful? Was not I in the illusion of working hard? Was not I dreaming of the dreams of the dreams come true? Yes, now, I realize that that is exactly what I did. I was busy preparing my roadmap, but, I was never on the road. In stead of utilizing my present moments, I made all of them attainable future in my fantasy.
Yes, that was one of my mistakes. My hard work went in vain, because, I spend more time in fantasizing my celebration of success. That was really a stupidity in this age. But, I learn from my mistakes. So, this year, no more dreaming about dreams.
Let me make 2016 a year of action (fingers crossed).


Day 2/366 : Make Not Mistakes Your Shadow

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