Death to Reincarnation


Sometimes it is so scary to exist …
With so many burdens,
With so many deaths, and haha
With so many promenades.

When some music make
Your hips don’t lie, and
You lie, and cry, and moan, and die
With laughters, jesters on the beaches…
Yet, one B.B. King, or one Aylan
Can remind you that
The thrill is practically gone!
Some music, or, always some horrors
Are so overpowering to kill you!
But all these deaths are necessary
As the reincarnation is a must!

Oh, no! No, Magpie! Don’t try!
You can’t clamour, and the glamour isn’t all!
The hearts need to be ripped, and you
Are too sweet for it!
Confusion is moving around the earth,
And you can’t sing it!
You can’t cry, you can’t bleed
You can’t rebel a misdeed!

Perch not on that twig but my hand;
Don’t startle, sit quiet, and listen
Some soulful, mournful, and truthful jazz, blues, reggaes, and the rocks.
See! How they cry, how they scream,
How they spell out the anguishes!
Your melody lulls us into romanticism
But we won’t be inviting Don Quixote, or Casanova any more,
Cause we cannot afford either any love, or Child to grow!

Let me cry, sweet Magpie.
Don’t stop me today.
Let my hurt wring
With B.B King’s string, or with a photo
Of a child misplaced.
And dead.

Reincarnation! Ah! What a sweet
Consideration of religions!
How privileged the body and the soul!
Conscience left tormented
On earth. Succumbing into the
Dilemma of rebirth.

Oh! Little Magpie! Don’t sigh!
Don’t stop me today.
I want me to bleed more and more to protect
Aylans’ world of play!


Death to Reincarnation

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