A Letter from a Wisdom Tooth


04 AUGUST 2015, 10:58

Hey you, Ms Fatima,

Ya, it’s me … the wisdom tooth of the left side of your lower jaw that you have uprooted in the most heinous way on Monday. Now, don’t expect any sweet word from me! You nasty little witch, you have violated teeth rights legislation! You have extracted me with the help of a looney old man whom you call the dentist, and I call the slaughterer! You daughter of a human! What was my fault? That I wanted to grow in a position of 180° within your gum!? Hey, listen, what you are thinking as my fault is actually my freedom to grow in whatever way I want! It is my birth right. Moreover, you don’t have enough space there on your gum for me to grow up properly. If you had, I might be taking the option of growing normally. So, if it’s anyone’s fault, … okay, it’s not mine at least. Just we wisdom teeth need your gum to grow in doesn’t mean that you have the right to extract us!

And, you filthy lier, why did you say that I was causing pain in your mouth to ear to head to where not! What the hell have I done to you? What harm? Why these lies? I was just growing! Can’t I grow even peacefully? Has it become a trend to lie about wisdom teeth, to blame them of causing discomfort, and murder them brutally in human world? It seems it has. What do you think that I don’t know your conspiracy of removing the rest three wisdom teeth? I know, I know. Even they know. Now, it’s time to protect ourselves, and revenge on you. I am already gone, but the other wisdom teeth are given commands to cause you as much pain as they can. Now, you will know what is a discomfort! You have decided death for us already! So, why not dying fighting?

Tell that unscrupulous dentist of you to get some modern instruments if you are to kill us really! What were those he was using? Drill, wrench, hammer, forceps, mirrors … ugh! Seriously? Unsmart dent!

Whatever! Even feeling disgusted writing to you! I know you will not listen to me, yet saying, “Stop extracting us!” Nah! This won’t work. You have uprooted me causing so much pain to me. I curse you infections, pain, swollen face! The last curse is working already! Look at you! You deformed face! Go! Go to hell!

Cursing you,
Lyhwooth1 (Lying, Hidden Wisdom Tooth)

A Letter from a Wisdom Tooth

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