Productive, and Helpful Apps I Admire: Part 1

I am an app freak, I admit. App stores are my favorite places to wander. Finding out any good app, especially good productivity app, makes me happy a lot. It is like unearthing the long searched treasure from the desert. Ya, long searched indeed. To get a really good app on my phone, I do not know how many apps I have downloaded, and eventually deleted! In this article, I am only talking about the apps I love most. Today, I am sharing a part of my app list, and the app experiences. Next Friday, I am coming up with the rest of the list hopefully. Let’s start:
1. Diaro: I am writing this article on this app right now. Most of the time, I do my drafts for WordPress here. It is basically a diary app. And, it is really perfect for me. I can sync, and back up my diary, so no tension of losing my daily inputs. I have liberty, and options to categorize my write-up. And I can customize my diary pages with nice themes according to the content of my writings! Wow! I love this virtual diary, as it is always with me safe, and password protected, and I can write my diary whenever I want. Also, can save photos, and images, videos, or links. Yes, it has some common features that most of the high rated diary apps have. Yet, it is distinct because it has a nice, and smart get up, it does not get hang now and then, and it gets locked then and there you leave the app. It is auto saving your data, so, no more getting panicked, and upset if you have to leave the app in the middle of the writing without getting the chance to save it.
diaro       diaro1
2. JotterPad: Of course, the name of the app is enough to know what it is about. Yes! It is for jottering down your creative writings, or whatever you want. It is a creativity+productivity app. I have downloaded it just a week back, therefore, I have to discover it more. Initially, I find it difficult using, but not bad! As I got too much used to with Diaro app, I am still writing on that. Hopefully, I will be getting habituated with JotterPad. In fact, I want to use this app full fledged as I do not want to fill up my Diaro with other writings. My creative writing really deserves a new platform to be produced, and saved. And JotterPad is providing me that platform only! Oh! My last entry (Eid Mubarak) on WordPress is primarily written on JotterPad only.
JotterPad1   JotterPad  JotterPad3
3. WordPress: Oh ya! I have to have this app on my phone as I am a regular Friday WordPress blogger and  everyday reader! Laptop is not my favorite. It cannot be as I am a continuous moving creature. I am so restless that I cannot get glued to anywhere at all. Apart from eating, sleeping, and other particular works that need me to sit, and lie for a while, I am always seen walking, walking, and walking all the time. So, surely mobile phone is my favorite gadget on earth, and surely I try to accommodate my world within my mobile phone! WordPress is a little heavenly part of my world. It is always with me whether I feel high, or low, or, I am busy or not. If WordPress would not be coming as an app, I am sure my life would be pretty boring. As I am not into Facebook, Twitter, and other typical social networking sites (if you are eager to know why I am avoiding these sites you can read my ‘Unsocial Moth vs. Social Butterfly’ on WordPress!), I almost spend my time reading blogs, and other stuffs. And, as nowadays I am emerging as a blogger (!!!), I have to write, check my stats, etc. on WordPress. All these I can do walking (not sitting with laptop, remember!) just because the WordPress app is on my mobile. It is great for me! I am loving it!
Wordpress            wpid-screenshot_2015-07-24-16-14-24.png
4. Duolingo: The most excellent language learning app I have ever found in App stores. If you use it once, you will know how fun it is to learn new languages. I love the teaching method of the app, and the way it keeps record of your learning progress, and accordingly tests your memory effectively. I am now learning both German, and Turkish language. The app is just making the learning easier for me. I am also revising the French language on this app that I learnt once from Alliance Francaise de Chittagong few years back, and that I have been forgetting gradually because of no practice. So, Duolingo can be a great help for those who is trying to revise any language lesson too. If I am not wrong, Duolingo is offering seven languages, and you can pick any one you love, and start learning from today. Also, it is offering its home page probably in your first, or second language too. Those who have the emergency, or the knack to learn any new languages, you can try this app. I always keep Duolingo on the first place of my favorite apps list, and I am sure that I will be keeping it there as long as my thirst for learning new languages will be there.
4. Vent: If you have pent up emotions, frustrations, angers that you cannot let it out in no way anywhere, you can vent out on Vent only. And relief is that you can do it anonymously without risking more frustrations, or, unhealthy situations. At times we all confront situations where we cannot speak up, or protest, or where we feel it a complete wastage to express our emotions, or opinions, or, sometimes we feel that if we would not have to bury all our pain inside us, if we got ‘someone’ only to whom we can say things, and who would not be getting judgmental on us, or sometimes we feel like sharing our happy events with the whole world, I feel, Vent is the perfect platform for that. Also, you can be helping other sad, and depressive souls there with your sweet words, or one and two suggestions. You can make a happy soul the happiest too with your lovely wishes. I feel it really nice when I can help others with my words in their bad times, or when I can join with others’ happiness, and celebrations anonymously. Vent is giving me that opportunity to live my life happily, and also to be a part of others happy life too. It is a social networking site, but its motto, and purpose is making it different from other sites. For me, Vent is an app in need, therefore, to me Vent is a friend indeed!
That is all for today. I am sure you will be waiting for me to come up with my second and last part of this article next Friday. Till then be happy. And, hey! Why do not you share the favorite app list of you with me? Exchanging experience enrich all, is not it? I am too waiting to hear from you.
Good Luck!
Productive, and Helpful Apps I Admire: Part 1

16 thoughts on “Productive, and Helpful Apps I Admire: Part 1

  1. farhanaorin says:

    I love to read your article.Now a days I am using Truecaller.It’s is an amazing app I have ever seen. You can get the information of an unknown number through this app but you need internet connection to know the truecaller.Hope you will like the app.

  2. Thanks for introducing those apps to us. Helpful apps for writers:D.I totally agree with about the WordPress app:). Mon ami vous parlez francias? Awesome:)


  3. mothermi6 says:

    Hi. I am an ‘app’ dinosaur I’m afraid (as in never having downloaded one!) but that was an interesting list! Thanks for liking my post btw.

    1. Wow! Who knows you will be coming up on Guinness Record Book just for not downloading a single app ever! Hahaha. But feeling really good that you have still liked the list! And most welcome.

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