Eid Mubarak


It is the holy eid today in the many parts of the world. In Bangladesh, we are celebrating it tomorrow, or day after tomorrow. However, Eid Mubarak, world!

A month long fasting is ending today, or in a couple of days. But the fasting of Ramadan is not simply fasting. The core message of Ramadan is to control, and protect oneself from doing bad deeds. It is a huge opportunity to change oneself positively, to rectify one’s mistakes, bad habits, and so on, and to adopt the good qualities as much as one can. The month starts with the sense of purity that inspires, and convinces people to lead a life with honesty, peacefulness, brotherhood, patience, and the last but not the least, of course, with purity. So, for all Muslims, Ramadan comes as a chance to reshape oneself in a good way. Like others, I too had agenda to rectify myself in this holy month. Feeling sorry, I could not accomplish all my goals. But, I have not lost the hope. I took the lessons of the month, and I want to keep practising them all the time. Ramadan should not be enclosed in the month of Ramadan only. It is an exemplary month for all the months. We should carry out the lessons of Ramadan all through rest of the months. So, Muslims out there, who somehow missed the opportunities of Ramadan, do not be broken hearts. Keep the essence of Ramadan intact within you, and keep trying, and, inshaAllah you will be successful.

Of course, the Eid ul Fitr is a very happy occasion. But, the happiness will not be lasting by itself. Only our good practices, or at least, our endeavor to practice good, and morals -that we have learnt from the Ramadan, can keep the happiness flow all the time.

A very happy Eid Mubarak to you again. Let the peace, and bliss prevail on earth. Ameen.

Eid Mubarak

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