On Writing

A quite inspirational write-up for the new bloggers like me! I request the readers to notice the simplicity of this writing. In fact, I do not have to request even, you will see it by yourself as it is so much in there. It clearly indicates that there is no need to be bombastic, and heavy with writings, just be spontaneous. I think people love reading easy writings. At least, I do.

Stranger in a Strange Mind

Probably the best writing advice I’ve ever come across is ‘write every day’. I can’t really attribute that quote to anyone in particular, as I’ve heard it from various sources. To me, the most useful version of this axiom is ‘Write something every day’. It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be a story or just a sentence, whatever keeps the ideas flowing.

Fortunately, it’s something I get to do on a professional level. But I’ve been trying to do that more consistently on the personal front as well. Because of my love of fiction, most of my writing’s been focused on my fiction blog. I’ve been posting a small story there daily and, lately, I’ve added a daily haiku into the mix. It’s a lot of fun putting stories together, and sometimes I find inspiration in the most unexpected places.

Unfortunately, this blog’s been a bit neglected as…

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On Writing

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