A Birthday Realization

It was my birthday yesterday. Another year has added into the casket of my life. It is obviously a happy reason to be excited. And I am really excited looking forward what is new, and more life is going to offer me this year, and how. Or, what are the things life is planning to take out, or delete out from/ for me. Let’s see, and let’s hope for the best.

Birthdays come to me always as a flashback, and always with some new realizations, and resolutions. Yesterday, I was busy pondering on how my parents had brought me up. I know by now very well that nurturing a baby to a grown up human being is not an easy task. Every parents has to start it from a zero to make us the hero of life. Practically, the process is very labor-some. It needs the physical contribution to intellectual contribution to rear up a child. Way of rearing up kids differs from parents to parents. It also differs from place to place, era to era. Even the process is sometimes to carry out all alone. Whether a baby is nurtured by his/her own biological parents, or not, the universal truth is that someone has to nurture the baby. It is a legacy. It is one of the ways of celebrating life. … While thinking all these sitting beside the window yesterday, suddenly, my thought had interrupted with the croaking of the frogs. Monsoon had brought the frogs out on the puddles, and their voices had attracted not only me, but other people out there too. It had become an amusing site for the urban dwellers. But some people are probably extra-ordinary in having fun. A group of people suddenly started throwing stones, and bricks towards the frogs. I felt utterly broken, and I realized that these creatures on earth are utterly neglected, and mistreated. These lives also deserve to be nurtured, and cared, and loved, and we are failing to do so.

I protested the men, and asked them that what the hell the frogs had done them that they were throwing bricks, and stones to them? How would they feel, if I started throwing stones to them all on a sudden without any reason? Luckily, this had worked. The group had disappeared soon from the scene. But the incident left so many questions for me. Why have not other people protested it? Why did not it occur to them a heinous work? Why do not we consider other life as valuable as our lives? How come destroying, or killing other lives can be an action of fun?

I realized that it is our fault not seeing the nature a valuable part of our life. We only know our parents as our care-giver. We rarely notice that this planet is another care-giver. As we care back our parents, we should also care back the nature too. Every life on earth, be it a tree, animal, bird, or an insect, is playing very vital role in balancing the eco-system. Having a sound eco-system means a guarantee of our happy living on earth. Also, the legacy of nurturing should not be confined with only nurturing human babies. We should nurture the earth and its all creatures too. We cannot remain the baby of earth all our lives. Let us take the role of the parents of earth too. Also, we should keep in my mind that as we feel bad, get hurt, other creatures do feel the same. As we have the rights of living safe on earth, so have they. Hurting others cannot be a mean of fun. This is nothing but a nasty habit. Moreover, we should try our best protesting all the evils on earth. I protested it verbally yesterday. I am protesting it today by writing. Chose your means of protest. But do protest.

My birthday-resolution is to take more care of the mother nature, of other creatures, of this planet, to enlighten others about the importance of the nature, to encourage, and inspire others to take care of the planet, and of course to protest those who mistreat the nature. Let’s love the earth. Let’s make it a habit to love, and take care of the earth.

Good luck.

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A Birthday Realization

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