Mantra to Reign the Time

05 JUNE 2015, 10:12


Time flies faster than anything, challenging us: catch me if you can. I wonder whether people can really get the hold of the time. Yes! People can! But how? The faster you run behind it, the faster it runs away from you. So, should we run faster, or should we keep our pace slow, like slow and steady, win the race? In this competitive world, sometimes being slow (steady is okay, always okay) does not work at all, sometimes running faster just makes you exhausted without achieving much. I will say, we should keep ourselves smart. The smarter one handles the time, the smarter it pays back. No matter how old fashioned, and boring the word ‘punctuality’ sounds, it is actually the smartest technique to reign over the time. It never let you go behind the time. And once you are not behind the time, you are actually ahead of everything. The precise definition of punctuality can be ‘an action on time’, but broadly, it means also being honest to one’s own responsibility, or work. I have never seen a dishonest punctual who maintains time, but keeps his work undone just because he has to jump on another tick tock to start another task. This can never happen as punctuality grows an urge within a man to finish the work within time. In fact, punctuality itself is that urge. So, if you can grow the urge within you, you will find yourself a punctual automatically!

Are you thinking right now that the punctual people are boring? No, no! You are not thinking right! Punctual people are not boring at all. Just you cannot match your time with their time does not mean that they do not enjoy life. They do, hundred times they do. They know the mantra of expanding time with punctuality, and to the utter disbelief, they get more time than you and me to enjoy the life the fullest. Now, it is up to them that in which way they will enjoy the life. Some loves to be a geeky, nerdy, some loves to be a sports freak, some loves to be a movie buff. Some even loves trampling on the dance floor! But all they do with their time sense on. The event of enjoyment never hampers the task of duty, or vice versa. In fact, the question of one task is getting affected by others is never coming in their lives, because everything is so much on time! Like railroads, you know? They just put time, and task parallel to each other just for not to risk a clash. Wow! How hassle-free! So, next time you see punctual persons,  please do not label them as nerdy, or boring. They are just smart, intelligent, and successful. They give the time the time, and let it grow like a plant, and let it bear its fruits on time again.

Punctuality looks monotonous, if you make it monotonous, and if you are always biased to see it (yours, or other’s) monotonous. So, first of all, do not be biased. And hey, if you are already a punctual, but feeling your life monotonous, or others feeling so about you, I can suggest you two things. One: be lively, innovative, and fun loving. Shuffle, or rearrange your routine for a while. But do not put off or snooze off your time sense. It will make a mess. Two: do not pay heed to anyone, and everyone. Try to know to whom you will listen. Make it clear to others that you have every right to chose your actions in life. You have every right to do whatever you love to do. Never feel bound that your area of love should be a match with others’. No, it should not be. Never forget you are a unique person. If you love reading, do so. If dancing, do so. You are not bound to do things with other’s choice. Rather, we all are bound to respect others choice. So, listen to your heart.

Not saying, those who are not punctual, their lives have gone to stray, or they are not successful! But those who are really worried about managing time, try the trick to be a punctual. I bet, you will not regret. Being punctual is not harmful. It is being smart. It is not a lifestyle. It is a strategy to be a successful. Do not hesitate.

Good day!


N.B: the pictures used in the post are collected from Internet.

Mantra to Reign the Time

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