Feeling Casablanca

17 MAY 2015, 00:02
Watched the movie The Theory of Everything. Liked it. Cannot say I loved it. But I must say the man played Stephen Hawking has really acted superb. Cannot put the movie in the lists of movie that touched my heart. It is just an average good movie. That is it. Waiting for the movie Nirbaak to watch. Do not know what appreciation they have got by now. But personally I am eager to watch this movie. Does not matter whatever way it is rated. In fact, I do not watch movies on others’ ratings, rather I love to have a personal experience with the movie. Especially, of Nirbaak, I want to enjoy the characters and the actors singularly and individually. Even if the whole cinema cannot stand, I am sure the individual characters or the actors will stand. Also, I like the happy vibe of the music when the love parts are played. It brings me the feelings of a sudden happiness, and joy. And the feeling of spreading the joy all over the nerves. But afraid, will it be bringing some dark aspect too? It can. In fact, it should. What is the point of having the light of the day, if we never know how darkness is felt? One theme of the cinema may be narcissism. That is what I understood while watching the trailer. Anjan Dutta is the narcissist, if I am not wrong. It clicked something within me. I am wondering, in this Facebook/ Instagram/ or other social networking sites era, are not we all growing narcissist? We are spending much time on clicking selfies, and choosing the bests from them. Then comes sharing, counting likes, comments, waiting for flattering, flirting and what not. I think the Narcissus was much better than us! Oh! Forgot to mention, I appreciated that Jane Wilde at last got married with the musician. Really the duo deserve themselves only! It is good. What else? Oh! Ya! Why the title is ‘Casablanca’? As right now I am got tuned with the song. I love this song. It is a feeling, it is a dream, it is a movie, it is a fulfillness!


Feeling Casablanca

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